I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: Here are sample pictures with, and without an SLT mirror

Dirk W wrote:

It is too complex to explain to you, but it is very possible and has to do with the differences of light refraction in different materials (air, other material such as the SLT) and possible (constructive or destructive) interferences by reflection of part-waves from the sides of the mirror. No need to get too scientific here IMHO - you may keep ROFL.

Or... we could make it much simpler:

The DxO measurements you posted earlier in this thread show a 0.46 stop difference between the a57 (ISO 785) and NEX-5N (ISO 1079).

That is: The NEX-5N can make a photo with the same amount of noise using an amount of light which is 0.46 stops lower than the a57.

The mirror is known to steal approx. 0.5 stops of light.

In other words:

The full difference in the DxO measurements can be explained by the known light loss. So why should we go and invent theories of other fairytale sources for noise?

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