How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

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Re: Anybody can make a mistake,

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If you had the extra funds.
36mp image is too much to work with

Anyone who feels 36mp is too much, wouldn't have bought the D800 in the first place.

Very good point. It is not like Nikon tried to hide the fact that the D800 is a 36mp camera, or how big its files are.

If someone did buy the camera and then complained that the file size is too big, they would be publicly admitting that they did a lousy job in researching the camera. And that would be totally their fault.

Sample image files became available very quickly for folks to download. If a person did not bother to download these and work with them with their favorite editor, then again, who's fault would that be??

...but sure, you you are right. It was not a secret from day one.

Does this mean that Nikon's choice was made based on mpx count?...

I have no idea what Nikon based their decision but what IO answered to was the fact that it was not a secret to anyone that the camera is a 36MP camera with large files. Surely anyone missed that simple fact when they bought the D800 didn't really made his home work. Also the very same person had all the chance in the world to download sample files prior to buying the camera, which is what is said above as well. How hard can it be to understand these simple facts?

It still surprises me the way that some people think...

What surprises me most is the number of people who are NOT reading what they are answering to...

There is no logic to your assumptions whatsoever!

My assumption is very logical but you don't seem to understand what lancespring wrote, the guy my answer was addressed to.

Nikon obviously decided to PROVIDE THE BEST POSSIBLE image quality among ANY DSLR... thus, to satisfy D3X customer by providing a much cheaper alternative, satisfy the studio/fashion photographer both quality wise and economically by making MF/different system consumption obsolete, replace MF needs (to much of the extend) from other MF users and yet preserve as much as it could be done from "simple" DSLR approach... It was never the mpx count of the sensor that was the initiative... the mpx count was only relevant to the fact that such a camera would have to be WITHOUT OLPF to simply achieve the goal and equal res density to IQ180 was the obvious choice was the obvious choice to avoid moire (since its well known that high res minimizes it)... The D800 (plain) is only there to "link" DSLR users with the idea..., nothing more nothing less... It was about the E all the time and the D800 is only an alternative that is far from succeeding the goal... BEING "JUST" a DSLR (while the E is much more than this). Its the D800 that needs a lower mpx replacement, not the "line"...

This is totally irrelevant since it was not the subject at all. Neither you nor I or anyone else on this forum knows how Nikon designers was thinking. Never the less, my guess is that the MP was part of their design decision, not just a random decision made in a pub over a bottle of sake ( ). I think they wanted to create a camera without compromise on IQ or ergonomics to replace the D700 with and they decided to put in the best possible sensor with the highest possible pixel number and all the features they could add. The initiative was not the megapixel but the aim of replacing the D700, which they did.

Anyway, I am not interested in discussing these speculations and this was NOT mentioned in the comments from lancespring above. His comments are regarding buyers who didn't seem to be aware of the D800 being a 36MP camera producing large files and demanding high performance computers.

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