What Lenses Do I need?

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Re: What Lenses Do I need?

williamliang wrote:

Well currently I don't own any camera's that are SLRs so I was planning to rent a Canon 7D or 60D, due to budget concerns, else wise a full frame such as the 5D Mark III.

Ok lets step back.

What is this class? Why do you need a camera? have you asked the instructor what he/she suggests you use?

We don't know WHY you're taking these photos, so we can't give you a solid answer. You might just need any old P&S and a tripod, or you may need a DSLR with a certain lens. It depends on what the pictures are for.

If you are just capturing images for reference for painting/drawing/whatever, you could use any camera you want, even a phone. If you are learning photography then you need a camera with manual controls, or even better a DSLR. Then again I have no idea what these images are going to be used for, or what this class is about, so I can't say which one you should go for.

I still think you just need to ask the instructor. They will know better than we do since he/she is teaching the course.

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