Free 45mm f1.8 when buying an OMD in the UK

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Re: Free 45mm f1.8 when buying an OMD in the UK

john Clinch wrote:

I'm sorry I can't resist

pay the extra out of what you saved on Private Health insurance this months

grabs coat and runs. I know you probably have private health care or would rather pay for a better service ............

Didn't see the post above, well I'm not the only one then.....

bryanbrun wrote:

That is until you retire and get sick and the majority of your life savings go to pay the ridiculously overpriced USA health care.

Sorry, totally off topic.

I cant resist either - OM-D body price in the UK minus VAT = £832 US price converted into pounds = £621, handily the difference is the same as buying the 45mm separately.

At the end of the day all of the Olympus regions get the same base price set from the Japan head offices and after that they can do what they like. I would prefer the extra £210 to choose what lens i want, instead i'll have to get a grey market import

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