Do you think DX will disappear in the future?

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Maybe... Nikon needs more DX lenses, less DX Bodies...

I doubt that DX will disappear.

  • However, the million dollar question is whether Nikon will support DX with the lenses that consumers want/need.

If Nikon always intended DX to be for the beginning/amateur market,
then the answer may be "no".

If Nikon does not support it with more lenses,
then the market may decide and DX will die a natural death.

You should probably decide what you want to purchase, based on your Focal Length needs (also factoring in picture quality, budget, etc.).

ErikkaSmith wrote:

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I want some current inputs from you guys since the D600, an 'entry-level' full-frame camera, has already been released.

I understand that Nikon made a lot of DX lenses so it'll be a waste if they terminate their DX lineup but do you think Nikon will focus more on delivering more FX cameras, and just have like a couple or one DX camera in the future?

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