How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

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Re: I own a D800 and yes, I'd buy a D4

Michael Firstlight wrote:

LOL, that Bronica is no lightweight either as you know. I am also running what would be considered an 'old' Nehalem (i7 920), but overclocked to 4GHz does give it a nice boost. I like to upgrade my computers only once every 3+ years and I see a lot of life left in the Nehalems too.


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Ι wasn't trying to play "smart on you" Mike... it's just that we all have to be more careful to who we are talking with, because we are all affected by extended trolling and (sometimes) behave like we only talk with trolls... I like my D800 too, but for what it does I would surely prefer it to bare the D4 sensor in it, it would make it faster with better buffer, while at the same time it would preserve the IQ... and surely would provide better workflow and IQ for weddings (you know that brides don't exactly have "model skin"... no?, after all I still have my D800E and MFDB for the studio stuff... and those I like them as they are... Now if you like your D800..., that's alright with me and any other sensible person, I still however think that the OP was on the qualities of the D4'S sensor, rather than its mpx count!


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