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Re: MiniCrane

I'm seriously thinking about getting this exact Crane, after you get it could you post here some kind of review, what you like and what you don't like?

I already have a crane, its a Pro-Am 200, 8 foot with it's own stand, Works fantastic!

I get shots, that most people don't or won't. The difference is I don't care what anybody thinks about what I'm doing or why, I shoot what I want, when I want, and ask questions later if needed. I'm a progressive videographer, I'll take chances and risks, with a priority of safety.

There is a Pan and Tilt head that I'm seriously considering, that rotates 720 on two axis's, and it is remote powered or 12V using a joystick, its the CPT-1019 Google it.
makes for nice compound moving shots.

In today's world of competitive Professional video, you have to keep up or be ahead!

I want to create shots that potential clients say, man I like your video work!

And a crane is an excellent tool to use, Congrats to you! You will love it, and you will love how easy it is to learn and use. You will ask your self why did I wait so long! I use mine almost on every shoot.

What are the cons? Mine is a little heavy, and big, but, that is an easy con to overcome, when I see my shots! If you decide to ever go bigger the Pro-AM 200 that I have is very well built, and the company is super to talk and work with.
They are located in Piedmont, South Carolina, they are on Ebay and Amazon.

I paid a little over $300.00 for mine shipping was free. I like the smaller one that you have I know its got to be lighter being mad of primarily carbon fiber. I also like how you can pack it up and carry it on a back-pack. Don't get me wrong, I'm not getting rid of my Pro-Am 200, I want both to cover most shooting situations, I like that yours can be used inside small rooms and hallways, Mine is a little big for that, it would depend on the room.

You have made a good choice, rather than try to jury rig some cheap thing, don't pay attention to some of these buffoons with there negative feedback.

Good luck enjoy! Your on the road to better video!

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