Sony 55-300 Comparison

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Re: Frustratingly difficult decision


I certainly don't think you're being picky at all. For your purposes, focus speed is very important. The 55-300mm will work for many other users. Strong IQ and good video is important. All in all, the lens seems to be a good value.

It will be interesting to get your initial impressions of the Tamron. I tried one in a store on my a55 over a year ago and was stunned at the weight. I bought a Sigma 18-250mm instead and after a short time, decided it was too heavy also. I sold it. Less than one year later, I'm using my second 18-250mm and really enjoying it on my a57. Not sure if it's the larger camera or if I've "grown into it". What I'm hoping is that you will find the Tamron is what you're looking for.

I've enjoyed "going to school" with you on these lenses.


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