I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: Here are sample pictures with, and without an SLT mirror

...by "manipulating the physics of light". ROFL

Allan Olesen wrote:

MaxLowLight wrote:

So, where is this magical ability to add noise? By your explanation, we should all clearly see ISO noise magically added in the SLT image.

The mirror doesn't add noise, it redirects some of the light. Because your shot will be underexposed, you have to raise the iso. Sony already does this before you even touch the camera, its part of the calibration. They have more gain per iso stop than other cameras, which is why they have more noise per iso stop than other cameras.

...and we agree on that part. This is not what the discussion is about.

Please go back and read the very first post in this thread. You will see that Dirk W claims that in addition to the noise which can be explained by the light loss, the mirror also adds some additional noise which can NOT be explained by the light loss. The discussion is about that claim.

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