I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: Here are sample pictures with, and without an SLT mirror

MaxLowLight wrote:

Rashkae wrote:

1. As previously stated, that's using the old, 1st-gen SLT mirror.

2. There is still NO EVIDENCE of the SLT "manipulating light physics and adding noise".

See final comment.

I will!

3. The "detail loss" looks more like a misfocus on that old minolta lens caused by removing it, fiddling around with the mirror, re-mounting it, then trying to shoot again.

The detail loss is either from added noise (see final comment) or because of light pathway pollution. Why do you think adding a TC distorts IQ? ANYTIME you add glass to the light pathway you are degrading the image.

There is no TC involved. The detail loss is not from added noise (did you even see Dirk's sample shots?) but from misfocus.

I myself have noticed on the same old Minolta 135mm f/2.8 that you sometimes need to reset focus (focus on something nearby, then refocus on your original target) to get it to be on-focus again.

This isn't user error, it is the inaccuracy of the AF system. PDAF isn't always spot on, and sometimes the focus points are too large and focus on things you don't want. Think of it like this. Try C-AF, point at a person. Now have that person move a fraction of an inch towards you. With slight enough movement, your AF will not adjust yet the object will have moved to a less sharp position. In you explanation above, you don't even have to point at something else for focusing, just move your camera 6 inches closer and refocus your subject. You are simply describing AF limitations.

I am fully aware of that and that is EXACTLY what I told Dirk, who still refuses to believe it. He is 100% convinced that the focus errors are actually detail loss due to the SLT mirror manipulating the "physics of light". The tester removed the camera, removed the lens, re-installed the SLT mirror, re-attached the lens, re-mounted it on the tripod and then tried taking another shot, but it was not at the same focus point as the previous shot.

Thank you for reinforcing my point.

So, where is this magical ability to add noise? By your explanation, we should all clearly see ISO noise magically added in the SLT image.

The mirror doesn't add noise, it redirects some of the light. Because your shot will be underexposed, you have to raise the iso. Sony already does this before you even touch the camera, its part of the calibration. They have more gain per iso stop than other cameras, which is why they have more noise per iso stop than other cameras.

That's exactly what we have ALL been telling Dirk. His "fact" though is that the SLT mirror itself adds the noise in addition to ISO gain by "manipulating the physics of light".

Really, you're just reinforcing what we have all been saying. You should read Dirk's comments for the comedy.

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