I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: Here are sample pictures with, and without an SLT mirror

MaxLowLight wrote:

I just explained it above, but here you go again. Blocking light underexposes your shots. To get the same exposure as an SLT without the mirror (or same as any other apsc), iso gain will be higher per any iso stop. I don't understand how so many SMART people could not understand this. If you are blocking 30% of the light, yet your shot has more noise and is the same exposure, all sony does is up the gain per iso stop.

You can compensate the 30% light loss through higher exposure time. It would give you the exact same IQ. The noise comes from sensor gain and has nothing to do with the mirror changing "light physics". Increasing exposure time = the same noise either with or without mirror.

You are mixing things up. The mirror adds no noise!

There are not so many situations where the higher exposure time will have any effect on the image. Just if you are on the edge of making a blurry shot it can help at all. A camera for a few hundreds bucks more just because of this special low light situation? Makes no sense. If you need low light capabilities buy something else.

You keep fighting for something that helps in one very special situation and brings A LOT of bad things along with it. It would be a very very bad tradeoff.
And you do it with wrong and mixed up arguments.

I can see your point and I might even understand why you are not changing your position. But that does not mean you are right. The proofs you keep posting are crap and you seem to lack an understanding of basic optics.

As for the idea of a design flaw, its not a flaw in sony's eyes, it's a tradeoff. They know you end up with slightly more noise, they have to compensate with gain when calibrating. People here are just becoming hip to this and letting you know, which I would say isn't working. I did this test over a year ago, maybe I should do it again.

I was talking about the two photos you keep using as a proof for the mirror degrading the details. The experiment hast serious design flaws and therefore proves nothing at all. If you cannot rule out a focussing error (there seems to be one) than it's pointless.

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