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Re: K-01s-EVF-tLCD

JNR wrote:

gaddigad wrote:

+sensor based PDAF

It is a fine thought, but Canon holds the patent for high-tech improvement. It might take Pentax a long time to reach that ballpark - as catching up on the mundane goal of decent AF tracking has been a several year project due to such limited research funds.

If I'm right, Af goes from being a legacy system to being a more generic sensor level technology. So if Sony provides those enhanced sensors and Pentax knows how to implement a nice hybrid AF fit for current and older lenses..

It would be unwise for Pentax to give up on the hottest market in quality photography of the past decade (sorry, Q is a unique novelty system outside of that market). So much was done right with the K-01 at its core, and so little additional investment in K-mount mirrorless could make it class leading.


As others who analyze the photo trends market have speculated, full frame mirrorless could easily be the next successful move. Pentax is in a good position to slide into that market.


The recent signals from Pentax appear to be heading toward retrenchment. No one seems to have a good idea where the company is headed. I'm start to think that Thom Hogan is right that Pentax never evolved past its 1990s marketing strategy.

Those were probably the recent signals from a ghost named Hoya. Even Ned Bunnel cared to say in his recent post answer that Ricoh has some serious plans.
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