SIGMA is not planning to make a mirrorless camera, the CEO said.

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Well I'm back had to run and get some work done. Any way the point is or I believe Sigma has very good intentions and will try to produce more cameras but the future is in smaller faster cameras. We have enough MP now and SD1 and DPm's show what the Foveon can do in the right hands. I believe it is a must for Sigma to make a mirroless camera. Every company has a bottom line even the Mob has a profit and lose sheets. At some point in time the board/family will ask, Tell me again why we are taking resources away from the lenses division to prop up the camera division??? Tax write off? In the USA it's only good for 5 years.

I understand what's being said but I'm also reading between the lines, Sigma camera sales are not what they should be. I truely believe if Sigma built a mirrorless camera and priced it correctly around $800 US dollars they'd sell a boat load and the lenses to match or better yet tie it into the m4/3 system some how (ha, I just come up with the ideas). Live view, EVIL, speed, Sigma is in a great position to high step ahead of the rest. Bayer sensor/cameras are very generic they all look the same no difference they all (except for Canon) use Sony sensors and like I said 5 year ago watch out for Sony they'll lose the battles but win the war. (after a conference at PMA that I was invited to)

I hope Sigma can get it together and make a mirrorless camera very soon like this year at PMA or CP. It's good for them it's good for us. How about a very good SD15 sensor in a mirrorless camera for around $800 USD they have the sensor, they have the lenses, the sensor in the SD15 is stellar it's a winner.

No matter what company it is some one has to be held accountable for the profits and loses, ups and downs, highs and lows, and all companies have the bean counters/accounantts and they may want to make a produce but if the resources aren't there well then they're not there. Maybe 2 people want to make a camera or keep it going but 4 family members say no enough is enough no more negitive cash flow, then what?

Mirrorless is the best way to go in my opinion. But who am I

Roger J.

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