How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

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Re: How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

hypercore360 wrote:

Question(s) -

  • What were you shooting with before the D800?

Set aside the processing power needed for the moment... has your photography improved any after acquiring the D800?

If you're thinking of what is best for you, only you can answer that. Instead of spending the extra $$$ on a D4, perhaps consider spending that $$$ on a new PC/MAC. There are a lot of options.

Frank D'Amato wrote:

If you had the extra funds.

36mp image is too much to work with

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If I may... (I am not Frank) I was shooting all the same but with all previous Nikon FX.. + my MF digital and analog equipment... i.e.. D700, D3S and D3X... now (as is obvious from the picture) I replaced D3S and D3X for D800 and D800E, what I now what is to keep D800E and replace D700 and D800 with 2 x D4 sensor in a D800 body... are you objecting MY NEEDS?... You are free to make yours if you want...!
And I do have the 2x2.93 Nehalem Mac pro for 3 years now....


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