can anyone comment on this picture?

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Re: The answer

Very interesting and well observed. I will have to try this again and see if your theory is correct!

David Franklin wrote:

I think I can sort of explain this, and it has to do with the perspective in the horizontal rather than vertical axes. Look at the strongly lit side of the building in the center of the image. As you see it at the bottom, the horizontals of the building are tilted at an downward angle, from left to right. As you look upwards at the lit side of the building, you will notice that the downward angle of the horizontal angle is increased proportionately to its height; unlike the vertical lines, these lines are not parallel. So, even if the straight-line measurement of the distance between the vertical lines formed by the of the edges of the lit side are the same, from top to bottom, the actual length of the variously inclined lines formed by the visible markers on the side of the building do vary quite a bit - they are longer at the top and shorter at the bottom. Your eye, seeing these differences, needs your brain to make sense of them. Therefore, your brain uses a process by which it compares the perspective effect that the eye observed, "decides" that that effect could only happen if the building's verticals were leaning in some direction, and, voila, the building now appears to be slightly leaning at some angle other than at straight vertical.

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