M9 with 35mm or Fuji X100 dilemma?

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Re: M9 with 35mm or Fuji X100 dilemma?

I have experience shooting with Leica M8 and Fuji X100 as I own them both.

To me here is my thinking regarding your M9 vs X100 case.

I would take the M9 without any hesitation.

What I dislike most about the X100 is this kind of feeling that you don't really control the camera. It kind of do what it wants to do...and you have this kind of feeling that you are never sure about the result you gonna get.

On the Leica M9... things are much simpler due to the fact that the process is more direct and there is no gimmicks and extra features added to the camera.

The camera simply does what you ask for. If the picture is wrong...it's you who is wrong and not the camera for whatever reason.

Because of that I am much more quicker while using a M9/M8 than a X100 and the feeling is much more natural and reliable.

If you want to do zone focusing it is simple as you don't have anything left to do except setting your aperture while easily reading your focusing scale on your lens....and then just look and shoot. End of story.


You walk down street with M9 + let's say a Zeiss 28mm F2.8

There is good light...you set your camera at F8 or F11 and you can instantly see that your range will be fine from 1meter to around 10meters (supposition...I don't have this lens anymore)

Suddenly you see an interesting subject which requires more DOF (hey...we don't want to shoot all the time at F8 right ???) ...you just check your aperture to set it at F4 because you know you will be sharp from two meters to 4 meters...wich with your 28mm lens let you be able, in one second, to change all of your setting while walking toward your subject and fire while you guesstimate you are between 2 and 4 meters from him and get your shot down with your bokhelicious F4 DOF on FullFrame.

After the clic done...you switch back, in one second, on F11 and you continue your snaping.

Try that on a X100 and you will have to turn your poor focus by wire ring 10 times before you understand what the poor and weird digital focusing scale wich appears on your screen in saying...and your decisive moment is just all gone.

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