SPP 5.3.2 CA correction

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Re: SPP 5.3.2 CA correction

Maybe u didnt know that when u first click on the raw file you see the embedded jpeg until the blue progress bar at top right is finished, then u see the Raw proceesed according to camera pre settings. That takes 25 seconds on my computer. And most people have about the same timing. That is part of the so many complaints abpout SPP.

Moving then to HiRes also takes a long time and many many people complain about the time it takes.

Anyways, this is all before even starting to da CA correction which takes even longer.

Surely you see there is a problem with the usefullness of the CA corr tool in SPP.

Not everybody will have a $4,000 latest 3 months old superfast number crucher computer. And they didnt expect to need to buy one just to do CA corrections on their X3Fs.

You may understand my point better if you get that doing CA corrections in other programs on my computer is very very fast and efficient with profile saving available too. The SPP CA tool is crapola, period.

It's amazing how the fanboy pride can causes brain cells to die and become infected.

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