my new WB-850 and smart auto mode setup

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Re: my new WB-850 and smart auto mode setup


Before I got my NX10, I've been using a WB1000 for 18 months and I really enjoyed this little camera. Since your WB850 outperforms (by far) the good old WB1000 in every aspect (sensor, ergonomics, zoom range, features...), I have no doubt that it can be a real joy to use and that it can deliver great pictures (you're not going to print pictures taken at ISO 1600 in A1 size, are you ? :-p).

My opinion is that Smart auto mode isn't the good way to take the most out of this kind of camera. I'd suggest P mode so that you can keep control over focus, flash and exposure compensation for instance.

NB : Since the sensor is tiny, an Aperture priority mode isn't very useful. Sometimes, Shutter priority mode can be nice to play with flowing water or to create pannings.

khrobb wrote:

I have a WB-650 which my w ife stole from me and i've been using a nikon s9100 which I don't care to use so when samsung stepped up and added their great amoled screen to the new WB-850, I couldn't resist and I ordered it, it just feels more substantial than the nikon. I would like to know, since I've been out of touch if the best shooting mode for normal use is the smart auto mode? The more features, the more complications but I love the essence of the samsung cameras, if anyone can offer up a couple of tips for me, I would really appreciate it. I started out on this stie 12 years ago using the olympus c-2000 which would become legendary with it's 10x optical zoom, imagine a 2 megapixel camera that took amazingly good photos of all sizes. The only downside was it's huge profile and I carry my compact camera on my belt at all times, I never use my camera phone, so I'm looking forward to my new 850 and a couple of suggestions on how to set it up, just a point or two would be great , and after all this time I'm still a beginner and a huge fan of an every day carry camera. I did some searches but not to many WB-850 posts so far,

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