P7100 Yes or No?

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Re: P7100 Yes or No?

I still have an Olympus C5050 which still produces stunning results despite the "poultry" 5MB sensor.

Like the C7070 it was a great camera for its time .. I mean who else had an F1.8 to 2.6 lens nearly 10 years ago. Also, who would have thought it would take so long for the high end cameras to return to offering such large apertures as it has always been possible to builder faster lenses to extend the low light capabilities of the high density, noisy over crammed, multi-megapixel chips! I guess the marketing guys always understood mega-pixels more than apertures so that's where the money went when making the cost trade offs .. for me I would take the faster lens every time!

Anyway with the C5050s small screen, limited wide end and lack of other features I am also finally in the market for a replacement.

The following are on my short list:

  • Panasonic LX7

  • Olympus XZ-2

  • Nikon P7700

I wonder if any of these will last me 10 years!!

Luckily I have no hurry so can wait for the full reviews and for all these cameras to make it into the market so I get hands on for a personal test. My main criteria will be handling, speed and maintaining shutter speed in low light so I can capture those precious (mostly indoor) moments with my 3 & 5 year olds!!

With your relatively young C7070 maybe you can also wait a while until the reviews are out and the prices have dropped.

Best of luck whatever you decide!!!

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