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Re: Upgrading normal lens

Dan Beaty wrote:

... for mostly landscape photography.

I have heard the K 35mm f3.5 is excellent. It's a legacy lens, so not quite as expensive but very seldom seen For Sale.

... Should I invest in repairing it ...

I think for the same $$$ you could replace it with another one the same.

... or is there a sharper lens I can look for in the new or used market that would be a better investment? ...

The K 28mm f3.5 (a couple have been up for sale recently), or the K 28mm f2.0 (lots of $$$ though).

... The DA 35/2.4 gets good reviews, but is it a good long term investment? ...

It probably is as long as it's properly taken care of.

... I am fine with manual focus, even manual aperture, if it gets the extra IQ I am hoping for. Neither do I need super fast apertures for most of my work.

This is why I suggest the K-series of legacy lenses.

The focal lengths I used most often in 35mm film were 28, 50 and 100 in landscape photography. Is there a zoom that would make a significant upgrade for my purposes?

The only zoom in the Pentax lineup that would come close to covering that range is the DA* 16-50mm f2.8. But it brings more distortion with it over the primes which is not the best for landscape photography.

Look at maybe the DA 21mm f3.2 Limited as a close equivalent to the 28mm.
Look at the K 35mm f3.5 as an equivalent to the 50mm.

Look at the K 55mm f1.8 as a close equivalent to the 100mm. I know it's not really close, but Pentax didn't ever produce a 65mm lens which would be a 100mm equivalent. If you're willing to spend a bunch more $$$ look at the DA 70mm f2.4 Limited.

Years of using 6x7 format in film have me desiring the maximum detail possible in this format, which I do enjoy greatly.

You've been spoiled...


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