How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

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Re: I own a D800 and yes, I'd buy a D4

Michael Firstlight wrote:

But I'd never sell my D800! I love the D800 for many reasons, especially those wonderful 36MPs which I make use of since I make poster size prints regularly. I'd get a D4 for low light events like weddings if I were still shooting them (it has the best low noise/high ISO of any other body) - and keep the D800 as my backup/second body. The two are different animals.

And no, 36MPs isn't too much to work with if you have a fast computer (I have a system with SSDs, 16GB of RAM, 64-bit OS, USB3 reader - very fast indeed). And ofr those that say a D4 is too heavy? Ha! You never shot a wedding with an RB67!


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Yes, yes, mpx.. blah, blah, blah... crop mpx, blah, blah, blah... My 8-core 2.93 "Nehalem" Mac Pro can't do it.. but your PC can ...blah, blah, blah... AND NO I'VE never shot a wedding with RGB 67 (didn't want too).. but I've shot plenty (hundreds) with Bronica ETRSi and (thereafter) Contax 645... Thank you for posting!


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