NEX Hotshoe Adapter from Amazon

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Re: NEX Hotshoe Adapter from Amazon

Mick Porter wrote:

I recently bought this hotshoe adapter for my NEX-5n:

I'm surprised there hasn't been a lot of discussion around the web on this one, as it's cheap ($17) and works really well. I used a shipping forwarding service to ship it outside of USA, still didn't cost very much.

The adapter screws down really firmly on top of my NEX-5n, and it syncs fine at 1/200 both for wireless trigger and for on-camera flash. The 5n has the ability to turn off the liveview so that the screen doesn't go dark when you are preparing the shot in low light.

Here's an example of a shot I took last week using the NEX-5n, 4 flashes, and this adapter:

A few month ago there were thread upon thread on this shoe. It is a JJC MSA-10 and sold all over the place on e-bay.

I have two of them and they work great. I use them as a hot shoe for my wireless transmitter. I personally would not put a big flash on it because the mount may not be strong enough (IMHO), but others have.

Search JJC MSA-10 hot shoe and Shadow hot shoe and all kinds of stuff should come up.


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