Sony SLT-A37 to replace my Sony Alpha a230

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Re: Sony SLT-A37 to replace my Sony Alpha a230

james2k50 wrote:

I sold my Sony Alpha a230 for a reasonably good price and so I'm using the money to buy another camera. I have a budget of about $400 so I was thinking of buying the SLT A37. I know this isn't new but I suspect would be better than my a230. I would like to hear from a37 users and what to expect from image quality. Are there any issues that I should be aware? Thanks, James

I own an a37 and am completely satisfied. The image quality is the same as the a57.

The difference between the two are some features, the body, the display and the EVF but not anything related to image quality.

$400 is an extremely tight budget and I do not see something better in that range.

I guess you could manage to get an A33/35/37/55 body for that price. I would rule A35/A33 out because A55 is better in many aspects and should be in your budget.

I was thinking for weeks about A37 vs A55 before getting an A37. I'm happy with it and wouldn't exchange it. But one major point to me was that I was comparing a used A55 (without warranty) against a new A37 (with 2 years of warranty).

When you do not plan on using the camera in a studio with triggered flashes (there seem to be ways to solve those problems but they involve some fiddling and give you some kind of ugly beast on top of your hotshoe) and do not need focus peaking I'd get the A55.


  • newer sensor

  • better battery life (500 vs 350 pics)

  • focus peaking (I really love that because it incredibly helps when using mf)

  • better video mode

  • better flash handling

  • slightly better EVF (1.4M vs 1.1M)

  • CIZ (Clear Image Zoom. Digital zoom with in camera crop and upsampling. Results are as good as cropping and upsampling with your PC)


  • GPS

  • higher speed 10/7fps vs 7/5fps @A37

  • better display (3" vs 2.5" and 921k vs 230k)

  • bigger buffer (21 raws vs 6 raws)

  • some flash problems (display staying dark)

  • digital lever gauge

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