V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

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Re: V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

In my opinion the race for the smallest camera has reached it's limits since system cameras can't get much smaller without becoming uncomfortable to hold. Nikon already makes the Nikon 1 lenses bigger than they need to be.

This. Just like what happened with cell phones, people are beginning to realize that smaller isn't always better since human hands are still the same size they've always been.

Part of what drew me to the V1 is its heft. I have large hands. I like a somewhat chunky camera. And an extra ounce or two doesn't bother me, especially if it means you get a bigger battery. If anything, that makes it a bit easier to take a stable picture since the camera doesn't squirm as much when you push the shutter button. (I also just generally like the V1's form factor and the way it balances minimalism and a sense of solidity.)

I don't mean to imply that bigger is always better, either. Otherwise we'd all want to lug around full frame cameras. But there's definitely a happy medium. Fuji has taken a similar approach with their XP1 and X-E1 cameras. They are bigger than they "need" to be, and so much the better for it.

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