FX/35mm lens on a DX body?

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Re: FX/35mm lens on a DX body?

This is a really simple one. Just get the 35 f1.8 DX lens. It's small, light and optically really good —plus it costs less than $200. I recently sold my 50 f1.4 D because I already have a 60 f2.8 D and a 17-55 f2,8. I wasn't ever using the 50. When I do portraits I go for the 17-55 or 70-200, and occasionally the 60.

The 50, which is a 75mm equivalent on the DX format just wasn't getting used. The 35 on DX format allows me to get pretty close to my FOV with a 150mm lens on 4x5, which I still use to make silver prints. I use digital for color. At any rate the 35 and something like a D7000 make a really handy package to carry about, not as handy as the Leica M3 with a 50 f2 collapsable and 90 f4 collapsable that I used to carry, but such is progress.

The 35 f1.8 is by all accounts a very worthy lens.

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