Canon G15 vs Lumix LX7 vx Nikon 7700 vs Olym XZ-2 :)

Started Sep 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
abriwin New Member • Posts: 15
Re: Canon G15 vs Lumix LX7 vx Nikon 7700 vs Olym XZ-2 :)

OK this doesn't really answer your question but poses others:

Bearing in mind that both the G15 and the P7700 lenses are new designs but seem to be using the same size sensor surely the better value for money would be the P7700 as although they lost the viewfinder which only covered around 80% of a scene, the G15 lost the screen but kept a viewfinder that only covers around 75% of the scene. At least the vari angle screen can be closed protecting the screen from damage.

What's more important, having a smaller camera without a vari angle screen or a larger camera with one.

If a smaller camera with a bigger sensor is what you are after then for almost the same price you could have the widely acclaimed Sony RX100 especially if what you are after is a better IQ.

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