Samsung's photo revival plan

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Re: NX lenses important? poppycock!

They have the IP and can lead in device/sensor quality, right next to Sony and Fuji, and ahead of Canon and Panasonic.

Actually Samsung was the first manufacturer to introduce an advanced column ADC more than 5 yrs ago, while Sony recenty got famous for its Exmor.

Couple this potential w/ good glass designs (small and sharp) and their leadership in Android mobiles => NEX could have a major competitor in NX!

Desverger wrote:

I think what we're seeing here is that Samsung is perhaps re-evaluating their roadmap and possibly gearing up for more drastic changes to the NX line. Typically, when a big company decides to kill a product line they drop the axe in one foul swoop and lay off the staff and take products off the market quite quickly (Google did that recently to a bunch of their web apps and also to Motorola which will now concentrate on fewer, but higher quality products). Small companies that are facing financial problems may appear to kinda linger on with an older product before going under, but clearly Samsung is not in that category. When a big successful company does that it's likely because some big changes are happening internally.

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