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If you look at the history of lenses that come out when a new system is introduced, normally, the 28-70mm (in 35mm FF terms) is often covered first. Maybe another zoom like a 70-200 even if slow is also in there, with a prime to make the prime-ates happy

The reason is simple. The std zoom caters to the needs of the majority of people. If you are coming out with a new system you cater first to the majority otherwise your system will stumble before it can even spread its wings. After a while, a 2 or 3 years, that's the time when you introduce the more exotic or esoteric lenses. Once you've covered the basic "must have" lenses that the majority needs, that's the time Nikon will introduce their primes and other lenses that a fewer no of people want. I won't be surprised if Nikon's lens roadmap will look like or be similar to how Sony is filling up their NEX lenses.

But there is another thing that Nikon N1 must address - lens size. It may eluded some, but their lenses should really be smaller. But as I wrote before, without R&D and actual dipping of one's feet in the water, they have not yet learned to properly miniturize and make small their lenses (or their bodies). Looking side by side, a m4/3 and even some NEX lens can be as small or even smaller than an N1 lens.

The good news is, Nikon will learn from this. What this left unspoken now is the reason why Canon should not have waited so long for their own MILC. No matter how deep your pockets are, or big your R&D staff and budget is, there is no substitute to actually releasing a probduct and the market teaching you what really needs to be done.

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