street photography without the street

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shutterbud Senior Member • Posts: 1,350
Re: Purists are fools

This is fair comment and of course it does help to know what another photographer or you yourself are doing or did, in order to be able to do it again if the need arises. I don't stick my camera onto Auto and reel off 1,000 shots at night, hoping something turns up. I doubt any member does. But I also accept and indeed hope, that my instincts will get more developed as I progress, leading to less wastage. I am far more inclined to delete these days. So, I'm not saying that anything goes or that an image is necessarily better due to graininess etc. Just that these things matter to me less than the content. I have seen countless landscapes which are eye-wateringly sharp, colourful, got all the comp right etc and yet do far less for me than a slightly blurry image of a gleeful scene

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