Samsung 20MP vs Sony 16MP

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Re: Samsung 20MP vs Sony 16MP

I have a K5 and a NX200...

I can tell you the difference is quite big between these two!

With the K5, setting an ISO is pretty much optional... There is nearly no difference between a 1600 iso shot and an underexposed 100 iso pushed by 4Ev in post-processing.

The NX200 does not have that much leeway (but that can be just a RAW file limitation)...

The NX200 also have a tendency to drift toward purple in high-iso (same as the K7 I had).

I've also found that there was no great differences between the NX200 and the NX100, despite the added MP, and in some situations the NX100 even fares better (try lifting shadows with the NX200!)... The NX200 has slightly better high iso, but nothing groundbreaking!

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