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Re: Japanese style

Thanks tksi I appreciate your advices
I know a bit about photography but I really need to improve and to practice.

tksi bxa wrote:

Hi j0sh

I hope you like your 50mm! I certainly got it for the bokeh as i was really in to it when i started out taking photos

And BrettSD did point out a particular thing to be careful with such a fast lens; is that, while wide open you certainly can easily get the majority of the image out of focus. That can be particularly annoying if you rely on the AF and it keeps focusing on different parts to what you want to emphasize. So practicing manual focus is good (to control what you want to emphasize) and perhaps stopping it down just a bit (nice bokeh can still be achieved, and if you're not using a tripod, slight movements wont put the focus out of whack).

And of course, you may already know these things.


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