How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

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Re: How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

RP McMurphy wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

RP McMurphy wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

And again Frank is right... has anybody ever tried to work with 3000images from one project that are of more than 200mb each after they are converted to 16bit tiffs?


Can't Frank use a different resolution in his d800 if he was bothered about the large file sizes?? he could choose a 20.3mp or 9mp image

What?... there is no such fiction in raws body, who ever buys a D800 to use ...jpgs? May as well get far better quality from a D700 raw if a photographer consider this as a solution.

You can batch convert them down to a more reasonable size

Were you individually processing those 3000 files??

Does Frank even have a d800? The only people I see saying 36mp is too much are those who dont have it

I have two and find the res. obstructing in one of them... (the plain), that is for its use... I also have 88mpx for other kind of use.... look at the picture I previously posted in a previous quote, the only people I see saying 36mpx isn't much for ALL situations is those that are shooting some "snaps" a year...

So you bought a 36mp camera and discovered you didn't want 36mp but dont want to batch process them down during conversion

Why did you buy such a camera then if it wasn't for you?

you'll find that people object to the blanket statement that '36mp is too much' - maybe too much for them and their process but wrong to state it's too much for me even if I seldom print that large

You never print that much... what you print 6mpx (12 the most) is more than enough...

Just cos you have it doesn't mean you have to use it all, but it's there when you want to use it all

Wrong, you are still under the wrong impression that can shoot a smaller res raw with the camera... you can't!

As said downsize the output during conversion

I would guess that 3000 files are not individually processed, they will all be batch coonverted?

OK so you spend more money on cards but is that a consideration when you spend such money on the camera (that you dont want)?

Time converting isn't a problem, who sits there waiting for that processing to be done, make a cup of tea while you wait

Sounds to me like space is the problem for you but surprised you didn't realise that would be an issue before you bought 2 of the same camera

None of this was a surprise to most before buying which is why I say that prractically everybody that has 36mp is happy with it

Those that got a surprise, well I guess they / you should have realised that you couldn't afford more space before you bought the camera(s)

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Look mate, I can see when somebody is prepared to argue all the time when all the above have being answered already and I am not interested in that kind of a conversation, clearly you can enjoy your 36mpx camera, but there is no way you can convince other people on how to manage their workflow or how that appears best.... A different aspect that you don't consider is that many very experienced photographers want their files to customers less informative... but not all files and not to all customers or projects, so there is no point of arguing on the matter there? What should puzzle you, is... 1.Why so many experienced photographers (especially good working pros), consider a lesser res D800 a first choice camera for their work (especially a D4 sensor solution) 2.Why so many pros have kept their D700s or D3/S while also invested on D800s 3. Why so many pros are forced to get a D4 (which is the OP) while speed/buffer, bulk and price is overkill to them (they are out of choice is the answer) ....and 4. Why Canon choose to have a more conservative approach to their mpx count... don't you think they did their "marketing research"? ...and don't start now on how inferior 5D3 is to D800's IQ, because it is equally inferior to D4s IQ... and that is irrelevant to mpx count!

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