!.5 firmware makes hum louder

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Re: mine is quieter at idle but louder at half press.

I've just done my upgrade and did a half-assed test with a pre amp, mic and SoundForge, which merely confirms what your ears and common sense tell you. Though there may be a very snall increase, the noise is no worse with the shutter half depressed than it was before but now that it has been virtually silenced, you are more aware of it as the shutter triggers the noise now, whereas before, it got progressively louder as you raised the camera and the shutter made no difference.

You ear or head have to be almost in contact with the camera before you are aware and can listen to the at-rest noise level. It is completely inaudible when the camera is sitting on my desk a foot or two away from my head, whereas previously, I could hear it anywhere in the room, if I listened for it.

I cannot believe Olympus is taking flak for this.

Someone at my local camera club said the worst thing about owning the OM-D is not the IBIS noise but the loud whining all the APS-C owners make whenever they see one.

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