I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

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Re: Here are sample pictures with, and without an SLT mirror

Dirk W wrote:

You can look at the dpreview samples. What leads to less detail in good light, obviously leads to more noise in low light.

Nope. Bad focus in good light has no link to more noise in low light. You really have no clue about cameras, do you?

Slamming out wild assumptions without any proof is not very helpful:

Well, you're the expert at that.

Where is your proof that the mirror has changed?

Sony themselves announced that the mirror was improved. It was heavily discussed here on the forum. But basic research is beyond your capabilities.

Where is your proof that the loss of detail is misfocus?

Because that's what it looks like, and I've had the same experience with that lens.

Where is your proof that lens change contribute to less detail?

My point is that the focus point shifted, not "less detail". Do you have reading comprehension issues?

Basic experience with actually going out and shooting photos instead of dreaming about "light physics changing, magic noise adding SLT mirrors". This has taught me many times that after dismounting a camera, removing the lens, then remounting the lens, remounting the camera, etc, does not guarantee that you are focusing on 100% the same spot, especially with older legacy lenses that have a lot of "leeway" in the focus zone.

So let's see now...

1. No concept of real physics
2. No ability to prove wild theories
3. No reading comprehension
4. No experience actually using cameras.


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