How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

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Re: How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

lancespring wrote:

coudet wrote:

Frank D'Amato wrote:

If you had the extra funds.
36mp image is too much to work with

Anyone who feels 36mp is too much, wouldn't have bought the D800 in the first place.

Very good point. It is not like Nikon tried to hide the fact that the D800 is a 36mp camera, or how big its files are.

If someone did buy the camera and then complained that the file size is too big, they would be publicly admitting that they did a lousy job in researching the camera. And that would be totally their fault.

Sample image files became available very quickly for folks to download. If a person did not bother to download these and work with them with their favorite editor, then again, who's fault would that be??

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Totally incorrect... There other reasons (much more important) than megapixel count for a photographer to choose a camera, in fact to many, me among them, megapixel count is 5th or less in my list. I would have bought my D800 (plain) even if it bared the D600 sensor and would have bought two of them if it (even better) bared D4's sensor to also replace my D700... and I like my D800E the way it is.... much as I like my Imacon's 528c 22mpx for single shot or 88mpx for 16x multishot! Why all some people can say is how many mpx is a sensor?

And again Frank is right... has anybody ever tried to work with 3000images from one project that are of more than 200mb each after they are converted to 16bit tiffs?


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