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Actual status

Actual status:

A - 1x (DX, would wish to switch to FX)
B - 26x (DX only)
C - 13x (DX & FX)

1 - 1x (D7100)
2 - 5x (D7100 body, D400 force)
3 - 32x (D400)
4 - 1x (D300)

Some people impeache the questionnaire. I must accent: the questionnaire is for DX (not DX only) users who are waiting for new high-end DX body.

We can see here the ratio of DX only users and DX & FX users and the amount of users who does not consider the DX platform for perspective for them.

We can see that only one respondent who is not comfortable with DX platform participated in this questionnaire.

So we have the answer only from the perspective users for the DX platform. This is importaint. Nikon would hear the voice from perspective DX users, not from the people who do not want stay at DX, of course. So the answers here are "clean"answers from actual and future DX customers.

It is interesting that 2/3 respondents are DX only and 1/3 is DX & FX.
1/3 is very high ratio.
This is very good sign for DX! DX could not be obsolete for many FX users.

And now the most importaint answer.

32 respondents want D300-type body, D300-type ergonomy, we can tell D700/D800-type ergonomy and only 6 respondents want D7000-type body and ergonomy.

84% of people on the waiting list for the new high - end DX body do not want D7100 (D7000-type body) will not become new high-end DX line.

This is the big difference against the frequent mind here spoken that D7100 in D7000 body should be the new high-end DX body, D300s..D400 is useless, because we have FX and all D300s owners will switch to D800 or D600 and the rest of them will buy D7100. The very frequent mind is D400 will not come because D400-type body has the sense only for FX, only for pros who all are on FX only.

NO. 84% of photographers on the waiting list for any new high-end DX body want D400! 13% of respondents want D400's power, force and fastness in D7100 body.

Only one respondent of 38 want the clear D7100 will be the high end, clear D7100 would be the normal progress of D7000 by D300s finish.

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