D300s vs D7000 Dynamic Range

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Re: D300s vs D7000 Dynamic Range

If you make normal high DR shot (against the sun, ...) and you recover the shadows only decently, you will not see any differences between D300 and D7000. I tried many times to make the same shot by D300 and D7000. D7000 sometimes in high DR situations overexposure, so you can see more highlites in the sky.

But if you dramatically recover the shadows, the image of D300 has undersaturated and noised recovered shadows, the image of D7000 has oversaturated and much cleaner recovered shadows. But dramatic recover of shadows has no exact colors at both cases. I do not like big shadow recover, I make exposure bracketing with D300 and get bright shadows from the +2EV shot. The colors are much more better. D300/D300s has much more better exposure bracketing, because you can make sequence of -5EV, -4EV, -3EV, -2EV, -1EV, 0EV, +1EV, +2EV, +3EV, +4EV, +5EV on the tripod and you do noy touch the body or you can make it as the fast 6-8fps sequence by single holding the shot button. You cannot make it by D7000.

Yes, of course the sensor in D7000 is newer and better that in D300/D300s, but the composed image from 2-3 shots with exposure drift has everytimes more natural colors than single shadows recovered shot from any camera, from D7000 too.

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