Panasonic 35-100mm f2.8 hands-on by Dpreview

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Re: The "its got less glass" Trolls are out in force...

DOF may only be equivalent to a FF 70-200 5.6, but light gathering ability is still 2.8.

It's better to use ISO 3200 on an OM-D than to use 12800 on a 5dIII or a D600.

FX sensors do not have a 2 stop advantage over M43, especially toward the higher ISO echelons.

ISO 800 on M43 might equal ISO 3200 or FX, but what if you have to use ISO 3200 or 6400 on M43? it means you'd be at ISO 12800 OR 25600 with FX with a 70-200 f5.6 lens. Not a good thing.

And subject isolation even in terms of 70-200 f5.6 is still pretty good.

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