I'd like to have an SLT-mirror that flips up during the shot

Started Oct 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
Shiuming Lai Senior Member • Posts: 1,129
Look at this cutaway diagram

The main issue is the SLT mirror fouls the back of the lens when it flips up. It would take an extraordinarily complex and thus expensive mechanism to not just swivel it up but move it entirely in an almost S-shaped path to clear the AF module as well as the main printed circuit board, upon which the sensor and SteadyShot mechanism are mounted. The EVF module would need to be moved higher up to allow clearance as well. Then the mirror would have to be moved back down again into exactly the right position with extreme accuracy to maintain correct AF function.

The idea of the mirror is to reduce mechanical complexity and cost, and increase reliability. Its position is critical to the AF calibration so to have it as a regularly moving part is bad from an engineering point of view.

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