V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

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Re: V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

MrSkelter wrote:

The DSLR isn't going anywhere. There's no need. Professionals don't need smaller. They'll just become less and less mainstream.

I think in the long term dSLRs will get replaced by mirror-less cameras. Not because professionals want smaller cameras, but because the SLR mechanism simply won't be needed anymore. Currently the SLR mechanism is the reason why dSLRs have good optical viewfinders and fast AF systems.

A mirror-less pro system doesn't have to be small (but probably will be thiner without the mirror box).

In my opinion the race for the smallest camera has reached it's limits since system cameras can't get much smaller without becoming uncomfortable to hold. Nikon already makes the Nikon 1 lenses bigger than they need to be.

I guess you are right that dSLR will be available for a long time, just like Nikon still makes film SLRs. But I think that most professionals will use mirror-less cameras in 10-15 years.

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