using flash on E-M5?

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Re: using flash on E-M5?

mr pina wrote:

So I was thinking, maybe I had to use the flash. But we all know that using flash will wash out the picture.

NO! if you do it correctly (eg. no direct flash), you'll hardly notice it.

You need to think: "how to soften the light from the flash"? We all know, direct light is bad, it's the reason why we all avoid shooting under the harsh sun light. same principal goes for flash.

Some people choose to bounce off the wall/ceiling, some use the portable ring flash (esp for outdoor), some use big bounce card etc.

also google: dragging the shutter method.

For more info about how to use flash, read more on neilvn blog - neilvn uses nikon and canon, but the same principal applies.

So does anyone in here have experience using the flash on the E-M5?

em5 flash system is pretty okay - it can do the job, but not efficiently (requires a lot of trial-and-errors). I found it's really a world apart from Nikon:

1. No flash-lock. It's very important to have this esp in wedding or events when time is essential. Yet Oly and Pana do not have this. I don't want to get the correct flash exposure for the whole scene (which is affected by the background lighting, clothing etc), but only on people's face.

2. Olympus flash is pretty "ancient" and sub-par to Canikon equivalent. I have Olympus 50R which is dubbed the most powerful Oly flash. But, when i compared to SB900, it's at least 1 stop less powerful.

In one of the paid event, I tried to use EM5 + FL50R, but at the end, I gave up using it. Slow recycle and unpredictable TTL behaviour are the main culprits. At the end, I used my friend's D7000 (which is supposed to be a backup) + SB900 instead.

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