Errorcode0 SPP5.3.2 W7

Started Oct 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
Roger Senior Member • Posts: 2,222
Re: Errorcode0 SPP5.3.2 W7

Hello Rick

Had issues with my Macs so I worked a deal with HP while I was on a shoot 4 weeks ago and got a new HP laptop and haven't had any issue at all with SPP 5.3.2 not yet still working on my Macs. SPP likes to crash or stall out under a load. Macs are a couple of years old maybe 3 or 4 so I use them to run SPP 4.2.2 for the SD14 and SD15 it seems to work better. I'm running Windows 7 Pro everything is running too good I think I'll upgrade to Windows 8 so I can screw everything up. First time I've owned a PC sense 1992 they have improved.

Sorry I missed you

Roger J.

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