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A response from Manfrotto

I have received a reply from US Manfrotto.
They have generously offered to replace the 724b with the
latest equivalent at no cost.

I will not take them up on the offer because having seen
the current model, it does not meet my needs and
there are others which do.*

But I applaud them for making the offer and
tracking DPreview for customer comments.
Maybe someone will even consider posting a notice
on the 724b parts list that parts are no longer available.

To the question as to why I would buy a piece
of equipment that was clearly non-professional
when I already owned more durable options:

At the time, the 724b was the only tripod that
opened fully to approximately 5'5" -- which placed
the camera viewfinder exactly at my eye level -- and folded

down to less than 19". It was lightweight with an integral ball head. Mostly aluminum, it had channel locks which I prefer for quick-release and was
far more robust than what is being offered today.

Long experience and years of dragging heavy equipment cases (and a sometimes cranky spine) have
led me, when possible, to avoid stooping while behind the camera.

Size vs weight vs features vs price made it the best choice at the time.

My collection of tripods ranged from a Foba Asnio with
a full set of Combitubes to a Gitzo Super Studex Giant Cremaillere opening to

9' -- as well as a Foba studio stand and half a dozen in-between Gitzos and heads.

I still keep a short, fat little Studex around if I need a jack stand for the car.
For my commercial needs, weight was unimportant so the
Gitzos were fine.

I recently bought a Giatto which has some nice
features but isn't 'travel' size (it has a head which flips forward
making it useful for table top copy work without an 'out-rigger arm').
I have used the small Manfrotto geared head
for years and the L bracket -- I like Manfrotto products.

But I don't go on safari or hiking on windy days -- just travel pics in Europe during the summer where
having access to a barely minimal form of support was
desirable. The 724b was the right tool for the purpose.

Again, thanks to for making the offer and DPreview
for providing a forum.

  • The Sirui unit I am considering, N-2205, is 5 section. opening

fully to 5'6" without head, closing to a remarkable 16.5" and
weighing less than 3lbs. It is CF. About $400.

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