Couple more from my makeshift studio

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Re: Couple more from my makeshift studio

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

These are awkward poses that do NOT flatter your subjects. She likes them? Great. Glad she does. Don't ask our opinion if only hers matters. But they break a lot of rules... and NOT in the good way.

And i see you are still using the mixed lighting. Why? You could do better work with just one light that throwing a bunch of different lights around haphazardously.

If you want praise from a layman, then look to friends and people who don't know better. Nothing wrong with that. But you're going to get called out on all the bad stuff sharing them around total strangers.

I am sorry Michael. I think my message was taken the wrong way. I do appreciate the feedback. I was just explaining as to why it was the way it was on my end not that it was aceptable.

The lighting is the same as the other shot because these were taken back to back before your last comments on the other thread. Therefore I had used the same lighting as the other model.First time shooting (well 2 models in 2 days anyway) so plan to work on it. Already ordered another new flash to try and light that background up better without those lights.

I totally appreciate all the feedback and completely realize I have a ton to learn. Pleas no one take it me the wrong way.

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