Beginner/Hobbyist - D800 a good move?

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Re: Beginner/Hobbyist - D800 a good move?

Wow you really started the thread here!

It appears that there are 2 camps and I'm in the D600 Camp. for the following reasons

I have owned 6 different Nikon D SLR's and the D800e is the most unforgiving to poor technique. But if you nail it it produces great images. Then again so did my D100, D1x,...... the only time you would see a resolution advantage would be in huge prints, maybe 1 out of 1000 shots that you take. And you're not selling your images to a gallery or a bride.

But you've heard all of these arguments already so tell you the one that I think is the most important. Glass is more important than the camera body. Let me say that again lenses are more important than the camera body. Get a D600, 14-24, and 24-70 and you'll be set. Then a couple years when the D900 you can trade-in your well-maintained D600 and upgrade. But you'll always be able to use the good glass.

and by the way with a 50mm 1.4 I don't think you'll see the resolution difference between the 800 and the 600. It's a good lens but it's not the sharpest.

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