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Re: Upgrading normal lens

Good questions all, Dan. I have the same rig in terms of body and lens, and continue to use the 16-45 on the K-01. If anything, the 16-45 does at least as well on the newer, slightly higher resolution sensor. By all reports, the lens performs at least as well optically as the Pentax 16-50 (although the build on that lens is in a much higher class, and the added stop of speed is helpful). In my opinion, you have to go to primes to get significantly better IQ than the 16-45 despite its middling build quality.

The m28 f/2.8 probably has oil on the diaphragm. Frankly, I doubt it would outperform the 16-45 (other than giving you a smaller form factor and an extra stop). It has a nice feel as well. Even a CLA that removes the oil (or what ever is creating a slow stop down) is going to cost you very close to the value of the lens on the used market. So, it comes down to how much you care about the lens, but strictly based on economics I doubt it is worth the repair. The A-series version of these prime lenses often sell for around twice as much, as they give you so much more metering flexibility. They are much better candidates for repair.

I have the 35 f/2 - a fine lens yielding a very nice overall look. Certainly not the feel of a Limited, but competitive in terms of image quality. It gets more use now that I have the K-01, as the handling of the pairing is very good.

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