D600: Mirror vibration & AA filter

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Re: D600: Mirror vibration & AA filter

I think we understand your question, and it'd would be an interesting test... shooting with mirror up and then in regular mode to see at what shutter speed mirror vibration is detectable. Unfortunately I do not have a D600, only a D700 and D800e. I had an opportunity to go to Best Buy and play around with a D600 in fact the salesperson let me put in a memory card. I can tell you that the mirror is quieter than either of my current cameras. Anyway time permitting I might be able to try this test with my D800 this weekend.

Also keep in mind that your experience with a D7000 may not relate to the D600. The D7000 has a very high pixel density even higher than the D800. My own personal experience is that the D7000 was the most sensitive to camera shake and with the D700 was the least sensitive. The D800 is much closer to the D7000.

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