Climbing Vermont's fourth-highest mountain

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Flat view
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Climbing Vermont's fourth-highest mountain

Took a hiking trip last weekend with my college's outdoors club, up Mount Abe, one of the tallest mountains in Vermont. It was only a sunset hike, which meant we arrived at the mountain around 4:30, and more or less jogged up to the summit by around 6. Now, I'm used to Bolivia, where our highest mountains require oxygen to summit, so "Vermont's fourth-highest peak" sounds kind of like "rainiest city in the Sahara". Still, the views from the top were sufficiently spectacular. It was more of a hiking trip than a photography trip, but I did manage to squeeze off a few captures along the way.

All images taken with the OM-D and either the legacy 4/3 9-18mm or Oly 45mm f/1.8.

Elven forest near the summit

As I said, a decent view.

There was a ridge of clouds right at the western horizon, so the sunset wasn't nearly as spectacular as it might otherwise have been. However, I did still get a few minutes of the Golden Hour before it disappeared.

My favorite planet.

And then the sun disappeared.

Some candids and not-so-candids of the other hikers:

The OM-D was really the perfect camera for this sort of outing: small enough not to weigh down my camera pack, durable enough that I didn't care if it dropped, and of course that mind-blowing image quality. The extra few stops of dynamic range really helped with the high-contrast scenes at the top of the mountain. A couple months after buying, I'm still an extremely happy customer.

C&C is welcome, and encouraged!

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Flat view
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