250mm lens options?

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Re: The Tamron 80-250mm f/3.8 Zoom Lens / Kayak Anchor

The older, original Adaptall 80-250mm/3.8 is horrendously large and heavy for Micro Four Thirds, but not a bad lens if you don't have to carry it far. Weighs abiut 5 times as much as the camera at 1.3kg, but includes a tripod collar. I have found it managable supported by a small ball-head atop a monopod for school concerts and similarly sedentary situations. in the photo, the little silver rectangle thing attached to the end of the lens is the E-P1.

Recent kayak trip with the monopod shortened and resting on the bottom of the hull yielded some blurry photos of a bear (likely due to slow shutter speed on a misty morning) and a less blurry one of a heron (a bit later, when the light was better).

Some brief testing (following techniques shown on Bob Atkins' website) showed it to be a little less sharp and a bit more prone to CA than the Konica 80-200mm/3.5, but comparatively good enough to keep for the extra zoom range. The first is at f/3.8, the second at f/5.6.

Although the intended filter size is 72mm, with the smaller size of the Four Thirds sensor, I can use it with a 72-58mm step down ring so as to share filters with my FT 40-150mm zoom, and can see no signs of vignetting.

If you, too, can manage to find one in good condition on eBay for about $15 shipped, it is certainly worth it (I fear that most of that $15 went to USPS, not to the previous owner....)
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