V1+lens 399 new. The free fall of the value continues...

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Re: Functional Obsolescence is never a good deal

Adamant wrote:

quezra wrote:

I wouldn't buy a N1 for anything over a cheap P&S until the dust settles and there's some indication what the future of the system is.

Why not? It's cheaper than premium p&s cameras right now and performs better. I'm basically treating the purchase the same way I would a p&s purchase. I don't care if Nikon never makes another lens for the N1. I would still be perfectly happy with the V1 for $379. Being able to get the upcoming 18.5mm f/1.8 for $185 later this year is just icing on the cake.

Because to me, a system camera is something you invest in to grow with. And you have to believe that the system has a future. If you're buying it as a bigger bulkier P&S you may as well get a faster zoom, more compact body, even if you know the sensor takes a hit, because the point of a P&S is versatility, ease-of-use and shoot-anywhere (particularly indoors and night), which the V1 with a mediocre lens really does not offer. The XF-1, P7700, RX100, etc. all offer these alternatives - fast lenses, or long lens in the case of P7700, and yeah even a flash. And if budget is really a concern, there's the previous generation budget cameras - LX5, EX1, etc. that offer only incrementally less.

Indeed, if Nikon had released a large p&s camera with blazing PD autofocus and a 1" sensor for $379 at Photokina, it would have been front page news on DPReview.

The RX100 has blazing AF, who cares if it uses PDAF or CDAF, the point is to be fast enough before diminishing returns set in. It did make DPReview pages already

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